Cyber​​Monday door lock specials from $13: Yale secures $125, Kwikset Powerbolt $45, etc.

As part of its “Cyber ​​Monday Special”, Amazon will provide a lock-in discount of up to $36. Our favorite is the Kwikset Powerbolt 2 door lock for $44.97. This is $10 less than the typical price there and is one of the best prices we have tracked since May. This fixing bolt allows you to discard the key without having to empty your wallet. After entering with the password, the door will be automatically locked after 30 seconds. I have two such fixing bolts at home, and I like the automatic locking function because it makes you more worry-free. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Keep reading to find more locked deals from $13.
Not only that, August Smart Lock is still $84. Its price has dropped from around $120, and now is a solid time to upgrade. This product has a stylish silver tone and is bound to upgrade your front door. The Bluetooth connection allows you to easily arm and disarm from a paired smartphone. Buy it now and save $36.
Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, providing daily savings for almost every imaginable category. In recent years, Amazon has grown to cover more areas…
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Post time: Nov-19-2020