Bolt taxi app launched in Ireland to compete with FreeNow and Uber

A new taxi-hailing app has arrived in the Irish market. More than 1,000 drivers have signed up for the service, which charges less commissions than other competitors.
Starting at 2pm today (December 3), the Estonian start-up Bolt will start providing taxi services to Irish customers. Accessed through an app, the goal of the service is to compete with the established FreeNow and Uber.
Last month, Bolt announced that it will spend more than 100 million euros next year to deploy 130,000 electric scooters and electric bicycles in more than 100 cities in Europe. Bolt was named Taxify in 2013 after 19-year-old Finnish entrepreneur Markus Villig (Markus Villig), and currently has more than 30 million users in 35 countries/regions, worth about 17 Billion euros.
However, it also operates a taxi-hailing service, charging taxi drivers a 10% commission, while FreeNow charges a 15% commission.
The company said that more than 1,000 taxi drivers in Ireland signed up for Bolt fare promotions, and passengers received a 50% discount on their first five trips. In addition, through the partnership, Revolut customers will also receive two additional trips at a 50% discount.
Customers in Ireland can order taxis through the Bolt app, which includes options such as Bolt Shield (with protective cover) and Bolt Green (for hybrid or electric taxis). Bolt said that in Ireland, 33 cars on the Bolt platform are hybrid or electric vehicles, and more than 66 have protective covers.
“As the Irish economy gradually reopens this week, providing people with safe and responsible travel is of the utmost importance,” said Luke Mackey, Irish manager of Bolt Ireland.
“The arrival of Bolt will support the renewal of our city’s economy and introduce choice and fairness in the competitive taxi market. We will provide benefits to taxi users and put more money in the driver’s pocket to reduce Commissions and increased transparency to do this.”
In an interview with The Irish Times, Mackey also confirmed that once the necessary regulations are passed, the company is “absolutely interested” in launching electric scooter services in Ireland. In addition to providing electric scooters, electric bicycles and taxi services, Bolt also operates a food delivery department called Bolt Food.
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Post time: Dec-04-2020